Spanish Language and Culture School

A Specialised language school

We will transport you into Spain while the lesson takes place.

You will learn not only Spanish but the culture and the pace of life.

Come on, get a bit of Spanish sunshine in your life!

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Courses that we run include:

  • Survival Spanish for holidays
  • GCSE revision
  • A level revision
  • Spanish for children
  • General business Spanish
  • Taller de creatividad

Running Courses:

  • Beginners Spanish
  • Beginners Plus Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced: Spanish Culture course, Curso de rutas turísticas y literarias

BIG NEWS! El Cole is launching a new venture:
The Bedford Language Centre

All our new courses for september, including courses for French, Italian and English are listed on the new website.

For more information email

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